Free half-hour Howl session

Let's take a half hour to sort through your marketing to do list—for free. We'll find some new opportunities for you and your company to take advantage of (that I can help with).

Why am I giving you 30 minutes of my time with no strings attached? Because you might need a bit of time to get things together before you're totally ready to take the plunge and hire a professional. 

Howl can help with:

  • Brand messaging
  • Copywriting (that's the words!)
  • Content management
  • Growing online communities
  • Helping you understand paid media
  • Teaching you how to maximize your social presence
  • Recommending social platforms
  • Getting you on track with marketing that reaches your pack without burning you out

If you're feeling like it's time to get some marketing help but you aren't entirely sure what you need, let's hop on the phone or meet for coffee and sort it out. Besides, who doesn't need a 30 minute marketing check in? 

After a half hour we can either dig deeper and get a project going...or just talk about something else. Comics. Tarot. Food. I'm a chatterbox, so let's chat! 

Cheryl Rafuse